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About Us

I started Liquid Fire Designs because I truly love the creative process! Whether it is helping a start-up businesses create their brand or helping an established businesses with marketing campaigns, or truly anything in between, Liquid Fire Designs is eager to assist. As an individually owned business, I understand the hardships of starting a business from scratch. With the proper guidance and branding, any size business will have a solid foundation to grow and reach customers.  Liquid Fire Designs is excited to help take your business to the next level.


During my freelance work, I helped with magazine spreads for Levi Jeans, Coca Cola, Walmart and many other well known companies. I also have worked to develop package designs for new products trying to find their way onto already crowded supermarket shelves.


Designs of all kinds are my true passion and I look forward to every challenge a customer brings. Liquid Fire Designs creates everything from amazing logos to catchy packaging and everything in between. If you can think of it I will devote my time to making your idea a reality.

- Michael Biastock

   Owner/Lead Designer

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